5 Simple Tips To Reduce Your AC Bill This Summer

The summer has arrived in Arizona, and with the rising heat, electricity costs are also rising. During the summer, electricity usage increases due to the increased use of equipment such as refrigerators, electric fans, air conditioners, and coolers. In addition, air conditioners are one of the most commonly used appliances throughout the summer.

Although modern air conditioners use less energy than older models, they can still eat a significant portion of your monthly electricity expenditure and burn a hole in your wallet. It may seem counter productive, but scheduling regular AC service in Nogales, AZ can help you save money on your AC system in the long run. There are other steps you can take to help minimize your energy expenses when it comes to your AC. Continue reading for more information.

How To Reduce Your Cooling Bills This Summer?

Here are some effective ways to lower your cooling expenses this summer.

1. Set the Appropriate Default Temperature

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) mandated that air conditioner manufacturers keep the default temperature of their equipment at 24°C. Before the mandate, the default temperature was 20 degrees. The lower you keep your air conditioner, the more its compressors work, increasing your electricity bill.

2. Seal Rooms and Shut Off Devices

When it comes to an air conditioning unit, closing the door seems like a no-brainer. However, ensure that your windows are tightly shut, and that cold air does not escape the room. Pull the drapes closed to prevent the sun’s heat from entering your room and increase the strain on your air conditioner.

Heavy electronic devices, such as refrigerators, TV, and computers, generate a lot of heat and make your air conditioner work harder. Turn them off before turning on the air conditioner. Allow the room to cool before turning them back on. Rearrange the furniture so that it does not block the air vents while you’re at it.

3. Turn the Device On and Off to Conserve Electricity

Have you ever had to switch off your cooling device because you woke up shivering? That was caused by the air conditioner working all night to maintain a chilly environment in your room. Turning it off at night can conserve electricity while maintaining comfort. You won’t need it as much at night if you are operating it throughout the day, especially.

Try this advice if you spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned space. Keep it on for a couple of hours, then turn it off for another hour or two. While conserving a significant amount of electricity, the room is kept comfortably cool.

4. Use a Mix of Fan and AC

When the air conditioning unit is operating, leave the ceiling fan on. Together, they keep the space aired and spread the cool air over the entire space. Additionally, you won’t need to lower the temperature.

5. Regular Upkeep

The dirt and dust in the air conditioner’s ducts and vents make it harder to deliver cool air to your room. The energy usage of an air conditioner can be reduced by replacing dirty air filters with new ones! It prevents the equipment from malfunctioning or needing repair.


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