6 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring and Summer : Checklist

An annual tune-up of your HVAC system is an ordeal you absolutely should not avoid. At Santa Cruz Heating & Cooling, we prioritize your comfort before anything. Here is a guide to help you.

Ways to prepare your HVAC system for spring and summer-

1. Change Air Filters

It is recommended that you change the air filters every three months. But it is a whole better idea when you’re cleaning home and gearing up for summer to get your air filters replaced. Winters tend to produce more dust and accumulated debris in the air filters than normal, and you want to make sure that these are completely clean before the peak season arrives.

Our professionals ensure you have the correct type and size of air filter for your system. They also align airflow with air arrows.

2. Remove any condenser covers

Covering the outdoor AC condenser is a good idea to protect it from harsh weather. But homeowners need to remove these covers, blankets, or lids and inspect the indoor unit for any debris or damage. Never turn on the system while having a cover in place. It can severely damage the system.

3. Test the thermostat

It is often forgotten that Thermostats need regular testing for their proper working. Test the thermostat controls at the start of each new heating or cooling cycle. Also, remind yourself to recalibrate the unit.

You might also consider reprogramming your programmable thermostat for warmer months ahead. Don’t have a programmable thermostat? Reach us for AC installation in Nogales, AZ.

4. Clean all supply vents and registers

Your vents and registers can become clogged, just like your air filters. So, don’t neglect your supply vents. Vacuum them properly to remove any dust or pet hair from the previous season, even if your home has separate supply grills for heating and cooling. Also, if you have a zoned system and have covered your unit’s AC vents during the winter, you should remove them now.

Spring is ideal for scheduling a professional duct cleaning to improve airflow and boost your home’s air quality.

5. Turn on the system

After performing the previous tasks, turn on your AC to ensure enough air flows from the vents. You will have to check on the airflow every few hours so make sure you do this on a day when you have enough time to spare. Also, choose a pleasant day when the sun is not too harsh.

If the air doesn’t feel cool, you will need to turn off the system at the thermostat and make sure you have followed previous suggestions.

6. Schedule an HVAC maintenance

Spring is the best time to schedule HVAC maintenance. DIY fixes can help but cannot replace the experience and competence provided by our experts. You can stay assured that our team is taking care of your unit. Certified HVAC technicians check the entire system, refrigerant levels, electrical components, wiring, and other components to spot problems you might miss.

At Santa Cruz Heating & Cooling, our technicians can quickly diagnose any issues to get your system ready for your use. We provide AC replacement in Nogales, AZ, Rio Rico, Tubac, Patagonia, Sonoita, and surrounding areas. Call (520) 3131-424 to book an appointment.