How Do You Check The Warranty On Your AC Unit?

It’s fantastic to have an air conditioner that is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. But what if you’re not completely sure if your system is?

Don’t be worried! Assistance is on the way. Today, we’ll show you how to determine whether your air conditioner still has a warranty.

1. First Look For The Manuals

Your owner’s manuals are the first place to go for information on your warranty. If you’ve misplaced them, you can usually find them online by searching for the make and model number of your HVAC equipment. American Standard / aue1b080, for example, could be an excellent search term.

Finding the terms of your warranty will not necessarily answer the question “Is my AC still under warranty?” unless the AC is installed and you know when the warranty began.

2. Recall The Registration

You may have been asked to register your system for it to be covered by a warranty, and you may recall doing so. Or you may not recall doing so, which is presumably why you’re reading this piece. And that’s perfectly fine!

If you can’t remember whether or not you registered your system for a warranty, you should contact the HVAC company that installed it or the company that did the AC Replacement in Nogales, AZ.

3. Find The Sticker

This sticker is usually located on the back of the unit, near the refrigerant valves and coolant tubes. Another popular location for the information sticker is on one of the corner posts of the air conditioner.

NOTE- If you have a downflow unit (air blows down from the AC rather than up), your data may be in the lower compartment.

Then, once you’ve located the sticker, obtaining the model and serial numbers is simple. These figures should be near the top of the list. However, keep in mind that instead of stating the model number and serial number, the acronyms “M/N” and “S/N” are frequently used. You can call the A/C dealer’s customer service number now that you have these numbers.

How Do I know if I Have An Existing Air Conditioner Warranty?

On their websites, most manufacturers allow owners to search for existing air conditioner warranty information. This is often accomplished by inputting the unit’s serial number, which will bring up all warranty coverage related to the system.

Your air conditioner vendor or HVAC contractor may also be able to provide warranty information for you. If you purchased an HVAC extended warranty when you had your unit installed, then they may have warranty information for you.

Additionally, the HVAC installer may have included an installation or labor warranty for your equipment if the repairs required are related to the work performed. You will need this warranty paperwork to evaluate if the guarantee covers your fault.

If you’re having trouble working with your local distributor regarding warranties or AC installation in Nogales Az, give us a call at (520) 313-1424.