How Do You Know When Your AC Needs To Be Serviced?

After the cold winter, the arrival of hot summer also means you will be dependent on your air conditioner. Air conditioner installation in Nogales, AZ, is a must to survive the heat. You need to make sure that your air conditioner is working properly.

A faulty air conditioner may break down at an inconvenient time. But when does your air conditioner need servicing? An air conditioner shows some warning signs before a faulty breakdown:

Signs Your AC needs to be Serviced.

  • Warm Air

You will notice that your surroundings are not cold even after turning the AC on. Warm air is blown from the vents. You should check the thermostat. Set the thermostat to the cooling mode, and the temperature setting should be lower than the room’s current temperature.

  • Insufficient Air Coming Out

Bad airflow is a common sign that your air conditioner is not working properly. A blockage prevents the airflow from the ductwork. It mostly occurs when the air filter is clogged with dust, dirt, and airborne particles. It might even be due to a faulty motor.

  • You can Hear Noises

You can hear strange noises after turning the AC on. Whistling or grating sounds indicate something severe, while buzzing or rattling sounds imply a loose component. You can only solve the problem if a certified HVAC technician does the service.

  • High Electricity Bills

You will notice a spike in your utility bills even though you use less AC. Leaks generally cause it in the duct, faulty thermostat, or AC is too old to provide service. In this case, getting an AC replacement in Nogales, AZ, is a better option for you.

  • Bad Odor

You can smell unpleasant odors in the air whenever the air conditioner is turned on. One is burnt wire insulation, while the other is mold growing inside the ducts.

  • Temperature Regulation

The thermostat fails to regulate the temperature in the house. You will notice that even after setting a temperature, the air conditioner fails to regulate the temperature, or the room temperature remains the same.

  • Water Leaks

You will see some liquid leaking from the side of the air conditioner. It can indicate two problems– moisture water cannot drain properly due to blockage or freon is leaked. Freon is a harmful refrigerant and hazardous to your health. Fix it immediately.

  • Not enough Moisture is Removed

The air conditioner’s job is to reduce the moisture from the house. It needs repair if you notice that it is quite humid in the house, even if the AC is working.

The Lifespan of the AC.

An air conditioner can work for a specific period, even with regular servicing. It does not last more than a decade and starts to function poorly. In that case, AC replacement in Nogales, AZ, is needed.


Servicing is needed once a month for better performance and to expand the lifespan of an air conditioner. Santacruz Heating and Cooling company has been in this field for years, and has gained much experience with AC service, repair and AC installation in Nogales, AZ and neighboring areas.