How Long Does It Take To Install A Heating System In A House?

A furnace installation depends on certain factors, like your space, the unit you’re installing, and any electrical, gas, or ductwork difficulties you’re encountering. As recommended by our heating installation experts in Nogales, AZ, it can take around five to ten hours in a residential setting.

Preparing For Your Furnace Installation

Before installing your furnace, our technician will calculate the heat loss through windows, doors, attics, roofs, and walls. Your home’s layout and square footage are also taken into consideration. Based on that, our heating contractor in Nogales, AZ, can calculate how much heating capacity you require for your home.

The HVAC professionals work with you to understand your heating goals, lifestyle, members in your home, pets you have, and most importantly, your budget. Professionals recommend energy-efficient furnaces to save money on energy bills over the years.

What To Expect On Installation Day

  • Choose a company that has certified technicians. Many states require a permit for installation. If a license is necessary, they will take care of it before installation because a reputable company stays up-to-date with state and local building codes.
  • You need to clear the space near the old equipment so that it will be easy for the technicians to move around.
  • They will remove your old equipment and install your new furnace using manufacturer specifications and standards.
  • All thermostat settings should be adjusted per requirements, and all components should be checked for proper operation.
  • They prevent excessive wear and tear of the system by checking the oil level. Finally, install sealers and flushers as ancillary equipment.
  • After completing the heating installation in Nogales, AZ, they switch your heater to assess the airflow and heating.
  • They will also check for unknown sounds or unpleasant odors, working off the bearing, and alignment during operation.
  • A thorough test of your new system ensures its safety and efficiency.
  • As a safety measure, they will run the system for five to ten minutes and immediately switch it off if they notice any trouble.

What Happens If The System You Are Installing Is Not Adequately Sized?

If you purchase a furnace that is too small or not powerful enough, the parts and components of an undersized unit will wear out quickly, and you will need to perform a lot of maintenance in the future. Your house can also be left with hot and cold zones if your system doesn’t have enough power. When your furnace is oversized, it will overheat your house and then shut down continuously. Furthermore, it will increase your energy bills and cost more to operate. You may also experience leaks or tears in your ductwork if you have a system that is too powerful.


Knowing how long a new heating system will last is extremely important before you call us for standard heating installation in Nogales, AZ. Our technicians will provide you with all the information you need regarding installing a heating system.

Whether your furnace has already reached the end of its life and you need service immediately, or you’re planning to replace or upgrade your current system, call Santa Cruz Heating & Cooling. We are the leading heating contractor in Nogales, AZ. Call us at (520) 3131-424 or mail us to fix an appointment.