How Long Does it Take to Install a New Heating System?

If you are considering getting a new heating system installed in Nogales, Arizona, one of the first questions you will have is, “How long will a boiler installation take?”.

There is no simple answer to this question. This guide will inform you of the average time you should expect for different boiler installation services. But first, let us take a look at how a boiler heating system works.

Working of a Boiler:


A boiler furnace heats water with the help of a gas or oil-fired burner and changes it into steam. The steam moves through pipes to radiators (or convectors), which slowly disperse heat and warm the room. On cooling down, the steam condenses back into water and returns to the boiler to be heated again. This is a simple mechanism that provides heat to our homes.

The time taken to install a new boiler will depend upon the complexity of the job and the amount of labor required. This will also affect the cost of installation. Given below are a few examples of how long some boiler installations can take:

1. Straight boiler swap, in the same location –

This type of heating repair in Nogales, Arizona, is the quickest and easiest as it involves replacing the old boiler with a new one of the same type, in the same place. It can easily be done by one engineer and can be completed in four to six hours.

2. Relocation of the boiler –

If you already have a boiler but you want it moved to a different place, it is unlikely to be finished in a single day. The engineer might have to change the existing pipework and install new elements, which will take more than a day. It might take up to two days for this kind of relocation.

3. Installing a completely new boiler –

If you do not already have a boiler, it will take almost the same time to install a new one as it takes to relocate one. The amount of work is similar, so the time taken to do the job will go up. This will require up to two days to be completed.

4. Changing the fuel type of the boiler –

If you plan on changing the fuel type, there will be extra plumbing and electrical work. For instance, switching from an oil or gas system to a new electric boiler will prolong the installation. This will take up to two to three days.

5. Upgrading the type of boiler –

There are three main types of new boilers to consider for your home: a combo boiler, a system boiler, or a heat-only boiler. They all require different levels of plumbing and electrical work. If you switch from one coil to the other, it’s almost like a fresh installation in terms of the time needed to do the task.

Since this is a more complex job, this type of installation can last up to three days. Although the time seems long, you should consider upgrading to a better heating installation for your home in Nogales, Arizona.