How Often Do AC Units Need Servicing?

Owning a home comes with many duties and an ever-expanding to-do list. Things like an AC service in Nogales, AZ, are simple to push down on the list of priorities. Many people are under the impression that by skipping AC servicing, they will save time and money, which is a misconception.

1. How Frequently Should AC Units be Serviced?

In most places across the United States, the cooling season is typically just 3–4 months long, and the heating season is typically 3–4 months long.

Once a year will typically be sufficient for AC service in some areas, whereas twice a year is recommended for places where the AC is used for more than ten months.

2. Signs Your AC Needs Maintenance.

  • Unusual Noise

Noise is the most typical indication that an AC unit needs to be serviced. The machine screeches loudly as the mechanics work harder to chill the house. The noise would be negligible if the device were regularly operating.

The machine typically makes an annoying clatter when it is not operating correctly, forcing it to work harder to make up for the performance shortfall.

  • Inadequate Performance

The unit’s subpar performance is another undeniable indication that it has to be improved. The house can take a long time to cool off, or it might fail altogether.

In larger houses or during the warmest seasons of the year, AC units typically take a little longer to maintain ideal temperatures. Still, if the difference in cooling time is significant enough for the homeowner to notice, the AC unit is likely in need of an AC repair in Nogales, AZ.

  • Costly Utility Bills

When performance declines, expenses rise. High utility bills indicate that an air conditioner is having trouble. The malfunctioning unit must consume extra power to compensate for the problem.

The air conditioning machine is working harder if the power bills are higher than usual, which suggests it probably needs a tune-up.

3. When Should You Have Your AC Serviced?

  • Have your cooling system tuned up at least once a year, early to mid-spring. However, it would be best also to have your unit serviced in the fall for optimum performance.
  • The summer months are crazy busy for AC repair in Nogales, AZ. If you wait until it’s hot outside, you can sweat while the HVAC professional looks for problems.
  • The cooling unit can be damaged if it is operated in cold weather as the oil inside your unit thickens, so scheduling service for the winter is also not advised. The lack of oil circulation can cause the system to malfunction.
  • It is advised to open the windows and let the fresh air cool you down if you are experiencing heat throughout the winter. You can also plug in a fan with an anti-clockwise moving direction next to an open window to boost the effect of the breeze.

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