Is Your HVAC Furnace Overheating?

Like any other electrical device, the furnace in your HVAC machine can overheat. It can irreversibly harm your heating and cooling system and increase the risk of your home catching fire. Therefore, to avoid significant trouble and ensure everyone in your family remains safe, it is better to call experts for routine maintenance and heating repair in Nogales, AZ.

How To Tell If Your HVAC Furnace Machine Is Overheating?

Below are some signs that indicate your home’s furnace is overheating.

  • Your furnace emits a burning odor when the heater turns on

When you turn on your furnace system for the first time when the cold weather approaches, you will usually sniff a burning stench for approximately a half-hour which is quite normal. The reason behind this burning stench is that the heating system burns away the dirt and debris that accumulated in the machine while it was lying idle in the summers.

However, if the burning smell does not go away soon after you turn on your furnace, you may have a significant problem that might quickly become hazardous. Hence to avoid this issue, it is better to get your machine expertly tested and cleaned before the winter season begins. It will eliminate the majority of the burning odor. The cleaning will remove the dust and grime in your furnace and airways.

  • Your furnace is producing strange noises

There is no ideal situation where your HVAC system can make unusual noises. When everything is functioning accurately, it will operate silently at all times. Any noise coming from it indicates that something is wrong somewhere. Also, the loud humming sound is usually a cause for concern and shows that the motor is getting overheated and will soon cease to function.

  • Your home’s air ducts remain closed

To save energy, many homeowners close the air vents in bedrooms or portions of their homes that are rarely used, such as extra rooms, cellars, attics, and so on. However, it allows your furnace to use even more power as it works harder to warm your entire home.

Because your home’s warming system gets built to heat a particular location based on its size, shutting off the vents to some parts of the house. It causes your furnace to work much harder, and it keeps trying to heat the amount of room even after attaining the desired temperature.

  • Manually altering the temperature setting frequently

If you continuously adjust the temperature on your thermostat. The cycles that your heater is supposed to run in get disrupted. Frequently changing the temperature wipes out the furnace’s components rapidly. Also, if you think you have a habit of changing the temperature constantly, it is better to install a programmed thermostat.

These programmable thermostats can adjust the temperature setting on your furnace without putting too much strain on the HVAC system. A smart thermostat also allows you to regulate the temperature in your home while you are away using an app downloaded to your smartphone.

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