Repair Or Replace Your Furnace: How To Decide?

A furnace is a very important part of your HVAC system. But with age and less maintenance, it requires a lot of repairs. So, it is natural that a question comes to mind about whether it would be better to replace the furnace if it requires so much repair. If you also have faced a dilemma between replacing or repairing, we are here to help you. We have compiled a list of 7 ways to decide whether to repair or replace your furnace.

Keep reading if you are thinking about furnace replacement in Nogales, AZ:

Furnace Age

  • The furnace age is a good predictor of whether it’s time to replace it.
  • If you get it professionally maintained regularly by heating installation Nogales AZ, you may anticipate your furnace to last 15 to 20 years.
  • Even though you take good care of your furnace, it will eventually lose efficiency.
  • But after that, it’s time to change.

A Faulty Thermostat

  • Do you have the impression that certain rooms are too cold and others are too hot?
  • Or are you constantly adjusting the temperature in your home to make it more comfortable?
  • It indicates that your furnace cannot distribute air effectively enough to keep you comfortable in your house.

Increasing Utility Costs

  • Your oil or natural gas furnace may have to work harder as it ages to provide the same amount of heat, increasing the electricity cost.
  • Start by comparing the costs of your recent heating bills to previous years’ bills.
  • It’s time to replace your furnace if the difference is significant.

Yellow Flame Instead of Blue

  • Carbon monoxide emissions are a risk with any heating system.
  • Owners of older chimney-vented oil-fired furnaces may not have the same safety worries as those who use natural gas.
  • The heating system requires annual maintenance and cleaning by a certified service professional.


  • Replacing your outdated furnace with a newer gas furnace or heat pump may be a better option than repairing it—replacing it may qualify you for a refund.
  • You won’t get a return like this if you choose to repair your furnace because you haven’t invested in your property.
  • You’ve merely extended the life of your furnace, which you will have to replace at some point.

Dry or Dusty in Your Residence

  • Many older furnaces are incapable of moisturizing and cleaning the air in your home.
  • The air in your home feels stale. Is anyone in your home allergic to dust, mold, pollen, viruses, or dander in the air?
  • These may appear to be minor details, but they all point to the fact that your old furnace is incapable of giving you and your family the level of comfort you desire.

Money Saved is Money Earned

  • You should replace your old furnace that is making a hole in your pocket by consuming much more electricity than it is expected to use.
  • You might spend all of the money you pay each month to your energy utility companies toward a new, much more energy-efficient and energy-saving furnace with better features.

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