Should I Replace Ductwork Too When Replacing AC?

Summer is at its peak, and your air conditioners are functioning all day long. But as the AC starts to work suddenly after a long break, you might need to get it serviced or repaired. However, many people realize that the repairs won’t work anymore, and it’s time to call an AC replacement in Nogales, AZ.

Or simply if you are looking for a new AC installation in Nogales, AZ, a major question arises- Do I need to replace the ductwork as well? Most people don’t realize how essential ductwork is. Without efficient ductwork, your AC won’t be able to circulate the cool air!

Here are some signs that ensure you need to replace the ductwork when replacing the AC –

5 Signs You Need To Replace Ductwork

1. Old ductwork

Just like an AC unit, ductwork also has a specific lifespan, after which they become inefficient. Most air ducts can last up to 10-12 years when maintained with timely servicing. However, keep in mind that essential parts of the ductwork like seals, joints, etc., tend to deteriorate with time.

A damaged/worn-out ductwork can cause uneven air circulation, high energy bills, poor airflow, etc. So, it’s crucial to get your ductwork checked and replaced every 10 years.

2. Poor cooling capacity

An air conditioning system’s primary objective is to cool the air inside the house/room. However, if you feel that your system is struggling to provide enough cooling as it used to, it’s high time to get your ductwork inspected. If repairs still don’t work, it’s indicative that you need to get your ductwork replaced by a professional AC replacement in Nogales, AZ.

3. Punctures & Indents

As your home’s ductwork is strategically installed, such damages can severely affect its functioning. If any punctures or dents are visible, call a professional right away! After examining how extensive the problem is, they can suggest if repairs are economical or you should get it replaced instead.

4. Noisy ducts

Problems like blockage, internal damages cannot be visible from the outside. Such damages are signaled by loud noises from the ductwork as soon as your system is turned on. It is a major sign that your ductwork needs repair, or in worst cases, you might need to call an AC replacement in Nogales, AZ.

5. Worn out insulation

Most ductwork is made up of metal, and these metal ductworks need proper insulation to prevent rusting from condensation during summers. However, if you notice any rust on the ductwork, it’s a sign of inadequate/worn out/ lack of insulation.

Rust can eat holes into the metal and cause leakage. If you don’t address the issue on time, it can cause major breakdowns, and poorly supported sections may slump and block the overall airflow. Apart from these issues, leaky ducts, high energy bills, and poor indoor air quality also indicate something wrong with your home’s ductwork.

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