Signs That Your Furnace Ignitor Is Faulty

Winters always come with heating issues. And, waking up to a broken furnace is the last thing you want in that weather. Therefore, the first thing you should make sure of before the arrival of winter is furnace maintenance. You can always search for heating installation in Nogales, AZ, and get a list of experts who can inspect and repair your furnace. However, for a quick check of the furnace ignitor by yourselves, read the given signs.

A Furnace Ignitor- Introduction

A furnace ignitor is a critical part of the furnace, and it creates the spark and clicks sound that indicates the gas is blowing into your heater. Without an ignitor, the hot air won’t blow up, and it will stay cold. Many ignitors work without a spark and heat the air directly, but the ultimate result is the hot air blowing in your home.

Signs of a Problem

Breaking down an ignitor is a common issue in most furnaces. While most ignitors last for about 7 to 8 years, you should know when it breaks and take further steps in getting it repaired. Read the given signs that tell your ignitor has gone faulty.

  • Furnace Turns On and Off: If your furnace keeps turning on and off frequently, it could be a sign that the ignitor is not allowing the air to get heated. Also, due to the safety feature in the ignitor, it gets hard to turn it on.
  • Furnace Blows Cold Air: If your ignitor is working, it won’t allow the heater to blow cold air. Therefore, you can assume that it is not producing any spark for heating the air.
  • Electrical Tripping Problems: If the furnace breaker keeps tripping, it indicates a voltage issue and can cause a big problem for your entire electrical house wiring. So, you better set it off and wait till it gets repaired.
  • Strange Noises from the Furnace: If there are strange popping, squeaking, rattling, or sparking sounds coming from your furnace, quickly understand that some part of your furnace has gone bad. It could be loose wiring, metal clanking, or a blower problem. And, it needs to get repaired or replaced urgently.
  • Increased Energy Bills are the first indication of a faulty furnace ignitor. If you see a sudden rise in your electricity bills, know you need HVAC experts to analyze your furnace quickly and do the needful repair.
  • The Furnace doesn’t Ignite: In many cases, it stops working suddenly, and it can be due to the ignitor or blower motor issues; you never know. Modern-day furnaces come with a safety feature and need to be cleaned regularly. Removal of dirt and debris allows the ignitor to create the spark and run efficiently.

How To Check The Ignitor

To do a brief inspection on your own, you can open the furnace panels and see the filters and ignitor for yourself. Although, make sure to cut the power supply to the furnace, turn off the gas valve, and not touch the hot unit wait till it cools down.

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