Types of Heating Systems With Pros & Cons: What is the Most Efficient Type?

Chilly winters call for a good heating system in the house for comfort and warmth. A poor quality heating device will only contribute to largely increasing your light bills without working to the best capacity. Before buying, it is advisable to consult a physician heating contractor, Nogales az company, for picking the correct type of heating system for homes. Several factors like your house size, number of residents, budget, etc., together will decide what is the absolute best heating device for you.

Below are Different Heating Systems Types That You Must Look Out for Before Investing in Heating Installation Nogales AZ Service:


  • Furnace: Most commonly used heating system, furnaces are the oldest type in this category. They are fueled by electricity, gas, or propane. New models of a furnace system are as efficient as 98% percent, converting that amount of their fuel into heat. Most heating contractor Nogales az will suggest this system for homes.

Pros – Inexpensive to install.

Cons – Older systems at home are generally furnaces, making loud noises and may blow allergens inside.

  • Boilers: This type is a radiator distribution system, using steam or hot water to provide heat. This type performs both heating and cooling. Both furnace and boiler are centralized systems of heating.

Pros – Performs both Heating and Cooling.

Cons – Significantly more expensive to install and run.

  • Hybrid Heating: This uses a heat pump and a furnace to work together and warm up the air. Expert heating contractor Nogales az technicians say that two devices reduce the load on a single system leading to lesser maintenance and repairs.

Pros – Acts as a heating system and air conditioner all year round. It is long-lasting, with an average lifespan of 10-15 years.

Cons – Not renewable since this uses a fossil fuel boiler to heat the house.

  • Radiant Heating: Tubes of hot water or electric-produced hot air run through the floors. They run by oil, gas, propane, or electricity.

Pros – Uniform heating requires minimal maintenance and can be long-lasting.

Cons – House flooring would have to be remodeled by heating contractor Nogales az company to install this. Repair is expensive if a problem occurs.

  • Active Solar Heating: This system uses solar energy to heat either water or air before releasing it into the interiors. A backup system is placed for conditions when solar power isn’t enough to heat the area.

Pros – Results in low electricity bills and is renewable. Also has a low maintenance cost.

Cons – It is expensive to buy and store. Largely depends on the weather for heating. May emit greenhouse gases.

  • Space Heaters: For occasional heating, this type of system may seem convenient to many. They are small in size compared to other systems and are fueled by either electricity or burnable fuels. They are largely also used as supplements to the main heating system when additional heat is required.

Pros – Portable, cheap and convenient. They cost less to operate at the same temperature as other central heating systems.

Cons – 40% of home fire accidents are caused due to space heaters, as reported by many heating installation Nogales AZ companies. It may be unsafe if left unsupervised for long.

Investing in a heating system is a long-term investment. Hence, valuable suggestions must be taken from experts of heating installation Nogales AZ services. An energy-efficient model will benefit you and your pocket in the long run.

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