What Do You Do if Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air?

It gets very hard when the temperature is too hot, and your AC isn’t blowing cold air. If you’re ready to sort out the issue and have it fixed quickly, here are some tips and thoughts to think about if your AC isn’t blowing cold air.

  • Set Thermostat Correctly

Usually, the thermostat is behind an uncooperative AC. If your thermostat is set to a different, higher, temperature, it may not be turning on. For instance, if it’s 29°C, and your AC is set to 35°C, it may likewise not be cooling.

You should reset your thermostat to a couple of degrees cooler than the house. On the off chance that you don’t feel any cold air, there could be an interior wiring issue causing the breakdown. For this situation, consult an expert.

  • Changing Your Furnace Filter

You probably won’t think your filter adds to your AC not blowing cold air but it does. If you haven’t been routinely checking and changing your air filter, it’s most probable clogged up. A clogged filter will confine airflow into your home. This implies that you will not just notice an absence of cold air, yet most likely more residue and a general stodginess.

  • Dirty Condenser

When dirt and dust get in the condenser, it meddles with the process. Your AC will have to work a lot harder to pull in air and cool it. It’s the same as the issue you’ll find inside of a clogged-up filter.

To limit dust and trash, put a decent weatherproof cover on the outdoor unit when your AC isn’t used. Likewise, you ought to keep the region around the condenser weeded, managed, and clear of overhanging branches and different plants.

  • Mechanical Problems

AC experiences wear and tear over the long run, as most things do. This implies it might encounter a mechanical issue eventually during its life. When your AC isn’t working, and you’ve checked your thermostat and filter, you should reach us quickly to look at the internal working of your framework. Contact experts who can do air conditioning repair in Nogales, AZ.

  • Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant keeps on cycling between the outdoor and indoor AC units, compressing and expanding as it does. You should never need to supplant it or finish it because it won’t ever run out.

  • Annual Maintenance

Numerous homeowners think annual maintenance isn’t required. These are the homeowners who end up with breakdowns, expensive repairs, and no AC on the hottest days of the year. So, don’t forget to perform annual maintenance of your AC.

  • Right Size AC

An AC that is too large or too small will have much wear and cause an entire pack of issues. This incorporates no cold air. Tragically, this is an issue that will proceed except if you supplant your AC. On the off chance that this is possible for you, we can help ensure you get the right AC the first time.

In case you are having trouble with AC, contact Santa Cruz Heating and Cooling. They have qualified professionals who provide the best AC repair in Nogales, AZ.