Which HVAC System Has The Best Warranty?

Some homeowners are unsuspecting of their HVAC warranty, thinking they will never have to use it. Others are afraid of the “devil in the details,” believing that every claim they make will be refused at a legal point.
Instead, smart homeowners educate themselves. HVAC warranties, it turns out, are simple because they are free of legalese. The truth is that you can know what you’re getting with an HVAC warranty.

Know Your Warranties

Knowing how expensive AC repair in Nogales, AZ, is, it makes sense to concern oneself with warranties. Still, when most homeowners consider an HVAC warranty, they are thinking of the manufacturer’s warranty. Installation guarantees and extended warranties, on the other hand, are available as well.

  • Manufacturer Warranty

This is the warranty offered by the manufacturer of your HVAC equipment. If you register your equipment within the time frame specified, you will receive the standard guarantee. If you do not register the equipment, the warranty will become the base warranty.

  • Installation Guarantee

The dealer who installs your HVAC unit or system should provide you with a warranty covering installation problems. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover faulty installation. It is, in fact, the most typical cause of warranty claims being denied. Reputable installers should provide at least a 12-month warranty on their work.

  • Extended Warranty

You’ve most likely received offers for an extended warranty on your vehicle in the mail. Likewise, extended warranties on appliances and consumer electronics are available at the checkout. They are, in fact, available on air conditioners and other HVAC equipment.

The Best Warranty

Even though air conditioning systems typically last 15 to 20 years, a longer warranty period covers a significant portion of the system’s expected service life. If a warranty covers the defect in your system, the cost of the new component will be covered, but you may be responsible for the labor service cost.

Some manufacturers provide the option to purchase extended warranties that add a set amount of time to the original manufacturer’s warranty. This purchase is not required, but you may want to consider extending an extended warranty for additional coverage and save costs in air conditioning repairs in Nogales, AZ.

Goodman air conditioner manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty on air conditioner compressors. Your warranty covers you for two things:

  • Bad Parts

If a part utilized in your unit’s building fails during the coverage term, it will be replaced at no cost to you.

  • Inadequacy of the Assembly Line

The “workmanship” portion of the guarantee would protect you if the technicians made mistakes when assembling the parts or wiring for your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner, for example.

The more logical plan is to have your unit cleaned and serviced every few years and start putting away money for your major AC repairs in Nogales, AZ.

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